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Asia-Pacific Angiology Academic Alliance

   Asia-Pacific Angiology Academic Alliance (APA) is an academic non-profit organization. APA is formed in aiming to facilitate the progressing of angiology development by uniting the medical professionals, industrial partners and associated bureau, within the Asia-Pacific region. APA is proudly announcing that several worldwide famous professionals; Nim Choi, Yuehong Zheng, Hideaki Obara, Frank Tam, Chinsakchai Khamin, Renny Yien, Benjamin Chua, Jimmy Tan and several other ones have joined, and will be taking key positions in directing the development of the committee.
   APA is designated as a multi backgrounds society. The members will be recruited not only from the field of angiology, but also from its associated departments, such as department of orthopedics, anesthesia and internal medicine etc. Besides the clinical physicians, research based academics will also being part of our executive team in guiding clinical development directions. Such diverse backgrounds in experience and skill will compile a new dimension in perceptions.
  APA is designated as a performance stage. We are inviting everyone to showcase their specialties, new insights and even an obstacle to challenge the older. Over various formats of the academic events that we will be holding in the upcoming months, we are urge to see the ones who are craving to learn and share for experienced perspectives, newest techniques and latest research interests.
   APA is designated as a channel. It is not only uniting the professional physician, but also providing a portal for the medical companies to share their latest inventions. APA is providing a first-hand opportunity for the medical companies in collecting feedbacks, within the Asia Pacific radius focused.
   APA aims to construct a better and more meaningful communication platform to serve the fast growing needs in angiology filed. The location to host APA annual conference will be circulating within the Asia-Pacific region. This will ensure a better understanding of local common diseases and more actively exchange unique perspectives.

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  • Asia-Pacific Angiology Academic Alliance Conference 2018


  • Asia-Pacific Angiology Academic Alliance Conference 2017


  • Asia-Pacific Angiology Academic Alliance Conference 2016


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Asia-Pacific Angiology Academic Alliance (APA)
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